Inventory tracker

Inventory tracker


Inventory Tracking Matrix Template | Inventory Tracker Excel | Inventory Management | Small Business | Product Inventory Tracker Template


This Inventory Tracking Matrix Excel Template is a dynamic and versatile tool designed to provide a structured approach to monitor and manage inventory levels efficiently. Whether you operate a small business, a warehouse, or any organization that deals with inventory, this template simplifies the process of tracking product movements and maintaining accurate stock records. 😊😊

Key Features:

βœ… Real-time Inventory Updates: This template utilizes Excel’s formulas and functions to automatically calculate and update inventory levels in real-time. As you input data regarding stock inflows and outflows, the template keeps track of your current inventory counts, ensuring precise and up-to-date information.

βœ… Item Details and SKU: Enter comprehensive information about each product in your inventory, including item names, descriptions, unique Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), product categories, and any additional notes.

βœ… Transaction Recording: Log all inventory transactions such as sales, purchases, returns, and adjustments in the template. This feature allows you to maintain a detailed history of inventory movements and trace the changes in stock levels over time.

βœ… Quantity In and Out: Easily record the quantity of items coming into your inventory (purchases and returns) and the quantity going out (sales and adjustments). The template calculates the net change in inventory levels for each transaction.

βœ… Customizable Categories: Categorize your products based on specific criteria such as product type, supplier, or location. Customize the categories to suit your business needs, facilitating easy data organization and analysis. You can modify it as per your needs as it has been created in Microsoft Excel.

βœ… Visual Indicators: The template includes conditional formatting and color-coded indicators to highlight low stock levels or critical inventory situations. This allows you to identify potential stock outs or overstocking issues at a glance.


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